Kendall Jenner Beauty Routine

Kendall Jenner Beauty Routine

Kendall Jenner Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Unlike most teenagers, Kendall Jenner had to go through her teenage years with an entire camera crew shooting so that millions of people can watch her on the reality TV series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Of course, professional hair and make-up artists have probably made her experience easier, but she has some beauty secrets of her own too.

One of the first things that can be noticed about Kendall is her glorious long locks. Her signature brunette colored hair complements her brows and skin tone perfectly. Apparently, hairbands are a secret weapon that Kendall uses to keep her hair looking fresh all night.

It also seems that Kendall favors a natural make-up look, but every now and then, a pop of color can also be seen. Kendall’s Instagram is a testament to the fact that she has gorgeous skin. Surprisingly, there is not much of a secret, other than the fact that she drinks lots of water, eats right, and washes her face frequently. Kendall also happens to hate heavy make-up.

When it comes to her flawless skin, Kendall even gives credit to her amazing dermatologist since it is apparently because of her that she sticks to a daily beauty routine. For those who have watched Kendall on TV, they may have noticed that she is often wearing dresses and skirts, and her legs are quite often visible. Thus, Kendall does her best to make sure that her legs look as good as the rest of her skin and she did not even hesitate in revealing that shaving is a major part of it.

The Satin Care Passionista Fruit Shave Gel and the Venus Embrace razor is Kendall’s favorite. She loves the smell of the gel and shaving keeps her legs smooth. After shaving, she also makes sure that her legs remain moisturized, so she uses a body lotion.

When it comes to fashion, Kendall’s fashion style has been described as edgy and fun by her sister. Kendall happens to be fond of bronze tone eye-shadows, cool ponytails and fun nails colors. Thus, no wonder that Kendall Jenner is such a beautiful and fashionable young woman.