Gwen Stefani Beauty Routine

Gwen Stefani Beauty Routine

Gwen Stefani Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Not so long ago, Gwen Stefani had made an appearance on The X Factor as a special guest that left everybody wondering whether the actress, fashion designer and singer even ages.

It has to be said that Gwen was looking absolutely gorgeous because of her make-up style.

As always, the blonde beauty was sporting her flawless milky skin, perfectly pencilled brows and her signature red lips.

It is only natural that women want to know how Gwen’s beauty routine that keeps her looking so ageless and timeless.

Women rarely turn to their grandmothers for beauty tips; however, apparently the signature red lipstick that Gwen always wears came from her grandmother.

Gwen Stefani received her first tube of crimson red lipstick from her grandmother and she once she put it on, she could not stop ever since.

Another beauty secret about herself that Gwen Stefani has revealed is about her hair. She claims that she was 25 years old when she turned her hair platinum blonde.

Apparently, Gwen Stefani had gotten her hair dyed platinum blonde in a Long Beach-based salon and it took 8 hours to get it done. Again, she fell in love with her platinum blonde hair and has maintained the shade ever since. She claims that her hairstylist uses Pantene Pro-V Style Texture Hairspray on her hair.

Gwen also claims that she is secretly addicted to using Johnson’s Baby Lotion, perhaps that is why her skin looks so flawless and milky just like that of a baby.

Dashing Diva Nailcolor is also included among the beauty products that Gwen uses. She has also used Eye Shadow in Freshwater after being inspired by her friend.

Gwen Stefani may not have strikingly individual hair, but they do make her resemble a timeless beauty like Marilyn Monroe.

Moreover, her signature red lipstick makes her teeth look sparkly white and her lips look slick. Long story short, the beauty routine and style of this blonde bombshell certainly works wonders for her, and why wouldn’t it?