Kendall Jenner Diet Plan

Kendall Jenner Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister has truly gained a tremendous popularity given her young age.

She is a supermodel who has already participated in many fashion weeks all around the world, and is associated with famous designers like Chanel, Marc, and Vera Wang.

Needless to say, she has a great body, and this has brought a lot of success her way. Kendall Jenner is skinny, though her figure is excellent.

This means that she must be sticking to a particular diet plan. A low carb diet is the major contributor to her awesome figure, according to her.

She also lost 56 pounds after following a low carb diet religiously, but at the same time, a quite high-fat ketogenic Atkins diet. Kendall also follows a low carb paleo diet since her aim is maintaining her figure and not losing any weight along the way.

Here are the specifics of Kendall Jenner’s Diet Plan:

Lean Proteins

She claims that lean meat helps her maintain her weight, feel energized and keeps her heart healthy. Some of the lean proteins she probably feeds on include: beef cuts (round steak, ground beef or top sirloin). These meats have a high protein content while being quite low in fat.

Raw Veggies and Fruits

Kendall eats raw veggies and fruits to ensure that her energy levels stay at optimum. These replace snacks and she has even been spotted eating them at a family dinner. Her favorite fruits are strawberries and apples. She tries to avoid Fritos Chili Cheese Chips which have been an all time favorite and replaces them with raw fruits and veggies.

Detox Green Tea

The beautiful model begins her a day with a cup of detox green tea. This removes wastes from her body. She claims that she drinks 12 cups of detox green tea every day.

Kendall says that the other secret to her hot body is staying away from junk food at all times. She knows that as tempting as it may be, it will harm her body in the long run. She therefore stays away from it.

Apart from following a strict diet plan, Kendall also practices some healthy habits like:

Getting a lot of sleep, up to 7 or 8 hours every day

Sleep relaxes her body and mind, helping her stay active for strenuous fashion shows.


Some of the exercises that Kendall does include cardio and running – the latter being her favorite

To motivate herself, she keeps motivational quotes and photos at her bedroom mirror. She also receives a lot of emotional support from her family.