Kim Kardashian Buttock Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]It would not take long, even for a complete stranger, to figure out that Kim Kardashian has probably under quite a few plastic surgeries.

Even Dr. Tony Youn, a famous plastic surgeon, is among those who have speculated on the numerous procedures Kim may have had.

Considering that even Kris Jenner, her mother, has also been suspected of plastic surgeries as well as her sisters, perhaps the craze for going under the knife runs in the family.

Among these, perhaps the most notable is buttock augmentation considering the unnaturally larger her backside she proudly sports. Indeed, by comparing older pictures of Kim Kardashian with pictures of her today, it seems very likely that she had buttock implants at some point.

There have been lots of rumors that Kim Kardashian has most likely undergone breast augmentation in the past, which is how she apparently has such overly-perkly breasts. Kim has also been suspected of laser treatments for quite some time now. However, celebrity watchers have always agreed that Kim’s butt isn’t natural, and there are plenty of pictures to confirm this.

Kim Kardashian Buttock Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Kardashian Buttock Implants Plastic Surgery Before and After

Not so long ago Kim had also been spotted with a bloody face after having undergone a “blood facial,” which apparently was not a pleasant experience since she claimed she would “never get a facelift.”

Kim had also been subjected to plastic surgery speculations during her pregnancy, especially that her large and luscious lips are likely full of fillers that she got pumped into them around that time.

There have also been rumors that have speculated that Kim managed to successfully regain her former curvaceous and shapely figure with the help of post-pregnancy plastic surgery. Her recently spotted smooth bikini line also points to a possible laser hair removal treatment.

In fact, critics and even her own fans fear that Kim Kardashian may actually be obsessed with plastic surgery and that she keeps going under the knife just to draw attention towards herself.

Of course, even after her pregnancy, none of this stopped Kim from going ahead and undergoing laser treatment for stretch marks on her breasts. Perhaps Kim Kardashian really does need to lay off the plastic surgeries now or she may just end up going overboard and regret the results.