Scarlett Johansson Diet Plan

Scarlett Johansson Diet Plan

Scarlett Johansson Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Scarlett Johansson is rightfully regarded as the sexiest woman on the planet.

She has big blue eyes, a deep sultry voice, eye-catching beauty, and full pouty lips.

Men dream about her and women dream about looking like her. Surprisingly, despite being such a hottie, Scarlett Johansson’s diet plan is actually rather normal.

Not so long ago, some tabloids had unfairly and wrongfully claimed that Scarlett Johansson had an extreme dieting regimen, after which she personally revealed her actual health habits.

Scarlett Johansson, who is apparently somewhat of a blogger herself, believes that it takes commitment, consistency, dedication and determination to eat healthy and stay fit.

Scarlett claims that she combines an “all-around balanced diet” with “not-so-good foods,” such as a grilled cheese. Scarlett has claimed that she prefers to eat a balanced diet of fruit, lean proteins and vegetables.

Tabloids have accused Scarlett Johansson mostly eats sprouted grains, but Scarlett has refuted such claims by stating that she does not even know the names of most of these grains.

As of lately, ever since she had to star in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” Scarlett has also described her diet as “boring.” Apparently, chicken and salad was all that she was eating, referring to her recent diet as eating like a rabbit plan.

Moreover, Scarlett apparently loves chicken. She was apparently envious of her co-star, Chris Evan’s chicken eating habits, which helped him to bulk up for the role of Captain America in the recent film. In fact, Scarlett actually has an addiction to buffalo chicken wings, or at least that’s how she describes it, i.e. as an obsession.

However, despite not having an actual stern diet plan off-screen and off the sets, and despite her love for chicken wings, whatever she eats has certainly contributed to her curvaceous figure.

So, it should be more than obvious that Scarlett’s “all-around balanced diet” with a few indulgences here and there is healthy enough to make anyone look as slim and sultry as her.