10 Celebrities Ruined By Plastic Surgery

[ads1 id=”alignright”]There is a lot of pressure on celebrities nowadays to look as good as possible for as long as possible, the type of pressure that leads some of them to sometimes make rash decisions regarding their looks.

Trying to ‘tweak’ their appearance in order to better fit their ‘perfect look’, some celebrities go overboard with plastic surgery, the results being sometimes catastrophic.

Let us then take a look at some celebrities who turned to cosmetic surgery in order to better themselves, but went a bit overboard, ending up looking rather strange, if not even worst than before going under the plastic surgeon’s knife.


Meg Ryanmegryansur

Once Hollywood’s sweetheart, Meg Ryan didn’t exactly age well, the reason being that she went under the knife more often than she should have. Meg’s face looks rather puffy nowadays, as well as stretched, giving the actress a very unpleasent and unnatural look.


Victoria Beckhamvictoriasur

The former posh spice looks, how should we put it…strange, given how disproportionate her chest and buttocks are compared to her otherwise slim figure. Not only is her breast augmentation surgery obvious, but she appears to have had work done on her face as well.


Heidi Montagheidisur

The now very attractive Heidi Montag once had 10 plastic surgeries in a day to achieve her desired look, and for a long period of time, she was quite happy with the outcome. Nowadays, however, Heidi said that she regrets her decision to get breast implants, and that she also didn’t really need a nose job after all.


Gary Buseygarysur

Ok, maybe Gary Busey wasn’t exactly a looker to begin with, but he still looks a lot worse nowadays than how he presumably would have, if he didn’t go under the knife all those times throughout the years. It seems that Gary had a couple of facelifts over time, as well as dermal fillers injected into his face.


Courtney Coxcourtneysur

We could all probably agree that Courtney Cox had a facelift too many, especially considering how pretty she was back in her ‘Friends’ days. Looking at her today, it becomes pretty obvious that Courtney Cox also had Botox and who knows what other types of dermal fillers injected into her face at least once over these past few years.


Bruce Jennerbrucesur

Sometimes cosmetic surgery can change a person’s looks almost entirely, which is precisely what happened in Bruce Jenner’s case. Compared to pictures of his younger self, Bruce Jenner of today looks almost nothing like Bruce from 15 or 20 years ago. Then again, it is fairly common for everybody in his family to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife, so maybe he felt compelled to do it as well.


Daryl Hannahdarylsur

Those of you who remember Daryl Hannah from her younger days would know how much of a cutie she used to be. After years and years of mainly unsuccessful plastic surgeries, Daryl looks nowadays like a modern art masterpiece. Not only is she unrecognizable compared to older pictures of her, but she also appears bloated, with a puffy face.


Carrot Topcarrotsur

Regardless of how you feel about him as a comedian, you have to admit that Carrot Top’s appearance changed considerably over the years, especially his face. His current swollen face is a result of Botox use, or should we say Botox abuse. In other words, the once ‘Carrot Top’ looks more like a turnip nowadays, and he probably wouldn’t mind that we made the joke anyway.


Melanie Griffithmelaniesur

Compared to how she used to look like, it would be safe to say that Melanie Griffith looks a lot worse these days. Although her former husband, none other than Antonio Banderas warned her about her apparent addiction to plastic surgery and even forbade her from going under the knife at some point, Melanie seems to have gone down the plastic surgery lane once to many times to call it quits just like that.


Mickey Rourkemickeysur

You wouldn’t believe that both these pictures are of the same person if you didn’t know who Mickey Rourke was, would you? It is quite hard to pinpoint what procedure made Mickey look as awful as he looks, but it would be safe to presume that it was one of the million facelifts that he apparently had. Seriously, Mickey looks nothing like he used to look, and he has nobody but himself to blame.