Brad Pitt Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The plastic surgery rumors revolving around Brad Pitt are as unique as the 50 year old actor himself.

According to these rumors, Brad Pitt may have made use of fillers like Active FX, Fradxel or Thermage and skin resurfacing procedures in the past. He has also been suspected of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Furthermore, since he previously had protruding “Dumbo” ears, but his ears appear more pinned down as of lately, he may have also had otoplasty.

According to certain plastic surgeons, undergoing facial grafting could also prove to be beneficial for Brad Pitt as it would apparently soften the appearance of his face.

Considering that Brad Pitt has not been suspected of having had any serious plastic surgeries, plastic surgeons are actually speculating procedures he can undergo if he may want to. For instance, Dr. Nassif believes that Brad would benefit from getting his eyes done. According to Dr. Nassif, Brad also has acne scarring, and he can take advantage of some dermal filler like Fraxel or undergone IPL treatment for it.

Brad Pitt Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dr. Walden, another plastic surgeon, believes that Brad Pitt may have made use of fillers or some skin-resurfacing procedure, despite the fact that he is aging gracefully and still looks very handsome for his age. Both Brad Pitt’s acting talent and good looks, despite his age, can be compared to those of Paul Newman or Robert Redford.

Dr. Anthony, a plastic surgeon, has also recommended a plastic that Brad Pitt could undergo. Dr. Anthony recommends facial fat grafting because of the disappearance of fat from his face, due to ageing, which has left his face looking gaunter. His cheeks and the underside of his eyes show the most signs of this disappearance of fat.

Apparently, his face will appear softer if he gets fat injected into those areas, and he will be able to shave off some of the years to look more like his former, younger self.