Fergie Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Stacy Ann Ferguson, who is better known as Fergie, has been the subject of several plastic surgery rumors lately, and she does look strangely…better.

According to rumors, she had Botox injections, breast augmentation, cheek implants, endoscopic brow lift, jaw implants, and a nose job.

Unlike the past when she had a more bulbous nose, Fergie now has a more chiseled and thinner nose, most likely as a result of a nose job.

Fergie’s eyebrows also appear to be excessively arched, which points to a possible brow or forehead lift, along with the use of some Botox.

Fergie is just one year short of 40, and her appearance has definitely transformed over the years. After comparing older and more recent pictures of Fergie, Dr. Anthony Youn believes that signs of a possible browlift and rhinoplasty can be seen on her face. He points out the considerably shorter ad thinner look of her nose.

He explains that whenever a bump is taken off the nose or if it thinned, the nose also tends to get shorter. He also draws attention to the excessive arch of her eyebrows has most likely been caused by an endoscopic browlift, and quite possible due to the use of Botox as well.

Fergie Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Fergie Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgeons continue to have their doubts about Fergie’s appearance despite her constant denials. Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, also agrees that Fergie has likely had a nose job since her nose looks pinched but also add that her nose still looks good.

He has also noticed that she seems to have a wider jaw angle, which apparently means that she has probably had jaw implants. He also believes that Fergie’s breasts are not natural and her full cheeks are a result of cheek implants.

Despite not actually admitting that she has been under the knife, Fergie has revealed that she is open to having plastic surgery. According to her, “a nip and a tuck,” is something she may consider.

She claims to be particularly “open to botox” due to the damage her skin has sustainedduring her constant sun tanning, but then again, it does seem like the perfect excuse to go under the knife.