Gerard Butler Diet Plan

Gerard Butler Diet Plan

Gerard Butler Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Believe it or not, Gerard Butler had no intention of being an actor growing up, being more interested in following a career as a lawyer. As time would have it, Gerard eventually became one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

The talented actor showed his acting skills in movies like Ugly Truth, Tomorrow Never Dies, Law Abiding Citizen, and many others. It was, however, the movie ‘300’ that brought him international recognition, partly because of his amazing good looks.

Building a king

Building a body like his, however, isn’t an easy job by any means. The Scottish actor had to endure a rigorous workout routine and an even harsher diet plan. In fact, Gerard managed to transform his regular body into that of a ripped bodybuilder in time for the filming of ‘300’.

Makeovers seem so alien to us regular folks, but the sheer determination required for the type of transformation Gerard went through for that role would probably be deemed impossible by most of us.

Discipline, discipline, discipline

We should start off by saying that regardless of how well a person sticks to their diet plan, they’ll never achieve their perfect figure without a good workout routine. While building himself up for the role of King Leonidas, Gerard did a lot of bench pressing, squats, military push presses, hammer curls, and much more. In order for any of these exercises to work, however, he had to follow a rigorous diet plan, which is exactly what he did.

Small meals but regular

During his workouts, Gerard ate six meals a day, while supplementing his body with proteins with every chance he got. In order for the high protein meals to work, he had to keep his body well hydrated at all times.

Rather than counting on high carb foods, Gerard preferred oats, whole grains, and sweet potatoes. Combined with almonds, avocados, peanut butter, and flax seed, they provide the body with all the energy required for the workout routine that gave him the incredibly ripped body we all saw in the movie.

Self determination is key

Interestingly enough, Gerard Butler prefers wholesome and nutrient dense meals even when he’s not filming, or trying to get himself in shape for a movie. Furthermore, he claims to stay away from any fried, processed, and other unhealthy food items, as well as fats. One would say that a body like his requires a lot a sacrifice, and rightfully so.