Halle Berry Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]It is quite hard sometimes to determine whether not someone had plastic surgery, which is exactly what happens when Halle Berry is concerned.

Although Halle herself has never admitted to having undergone plastic surgeries, there have been rumors that she did undergo breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgery at some point.

The actress herself has actually denied that she has ever been under the knife, quite vehemently in fact.

Although she has claimed that has not had any plastic surgeries, she also added that she cannot claim that she will never go under the knife. This might be Halle Berry’s way to hint that she may undergo plastic surgery in the future, but many critics suspect she has already been under the knife.

Ever since around 2007, which was before she had become pregnant, it seemed that Halle’s bust had grown in size. According to the rumors that began circulating around that time, Halle may have allegedly gotten breast implants in a 36 C cup size at an earlier point in her career. However, her breasts are not the only part of her body that have seemed different as of lately.

Although Halle Berry has been picked for having the nicest nose at some point, it seems that her nose has not been natural for a very long time. When pictures of Halle Berry taken in 1986 and those take in 1997 are compared, it seems that her nose has been less wide after 1997 and the tip of her nose has also been more defined ever since.

Halle Berry Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Halle Berry Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

It means that she probably underwent rhinoplasty at some point in 1997, even though there have been plenty of allegations regarding her presumed plastic surgeries more recently as well.

Despite denying that she has never undergone plastic surgery, Halle Berry has expressed her opinion on the subject, as well as her opinion about cosmetic surgery in general.

Apparently, Halle Berry hopes not to be tempted to go under “that seductive knife” and evolve naturally, not just physically, but as a person. Then again, this is precisely what someone who wants to get away with it might say.