Heidi Montag Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]There have always been rumors concerning Heidi Montag and the multiple plastic surgeries that she allegedly had.

Over time, people have accused Heidi of undergoing almost every cosmetic surgery possible, and there might just be some truth to at least some of these rumors after all.

Heidi Montag is a beautiful woman of course, but she isn’t a 100% natural beauty, nor does she claim to be.

You see, Heidi admitted to going under the knife on several occasions, and seems to admit to having yet another nose job on top of the at least ten procedures that she had over time.

It wasn’t long ago that Heidi was seen wearing a tape on her nose, a sign that she might have had yet another rhinoplasty. When asked about it, Heidi was quick to admit that she indeed had a tape on her nose to prevent it from swelling.

According to Heidi, the last time she had a nose job, she didn’t bother to keep a protective tape on it throughout the recovery. As a result, her nose changed in shape and it healed wrong. It seems that she learned her lesson this time, although there wasn’t much wrong with her nose to begin with.

Heidi Montag Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Heidi Montag Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Heidi Montag is one of those people who aren’t happy with the way they look, no matter how many compliments people give them.

This is precisely why she had all those cosmetic surgeries over the years, and why she will continue to go under the knife again and again.

It also has to be said that Heidi Montag hires the services of Dr. Frank Ryan every time she goes under the knife.

The reason why this name sounds familiar is because he is the ‘go-to’ plastic surgeon for a big number of celebrities nowadays, and for good reasons as well.