Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Believe it or not, but Jennifer Connelly started modeling when she was just 10 years old.

Over the years, over the years, her appearance has undergone plenty of changes and she has blossomed into a beautiful woman.

However, rumor has it that Jennifer’s sleek and smooth appearance may not be a result of growing older but a result of going under the knife.

In the past, Jennifer Connelly has been suspected of having undergone rhinoplasty surgery as well as breast augmentation at some point. Her nose was never as narrow and symmetrical as it is today. However, Jennifer’s breasts have also been a subject of numerous debates.

For a quite some time, Jennifer had sported large D cup breasts, which were for a long time believed to be a result of having gotten breast implants at a young age.

However, when Jennifer reached her forties, the size of boobs suddenly shrunk to an average B cup, leading to rumors that Jennifer Connelly allegedly may have undergone breast reduction surgery.

There have also been speculations that Jennifer Connelly had never gotten breast implants, but she may have gotten the size of her boobs reduced because of back and neck problems.

Others even claim that not only did she not have any implants, but she did not even undergo breast reduction, rather the size of her bust was reduced as a result of weight loss.

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is not certain whether Jennifer had undergone breast augmentation and then breast reduction or where she got her supposedly naturally large chest reduced due to discomfort it was causing her.

It must be noted that apart from the change in bust size, there have not been many telltale signs that she recently got her alleged implants removed.

Regardless, even though Jennifer Connelly is no longer as busty as she once was, it has not affected her acting career in any way since she remains one of Hollywood’s best paid actresses.