Jennifer Esposito Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]For a long time, celebrity bloggers have been speculating that Jennifer Esposito may have undergone plastic surgery, and ultimately, their speculations turned out to be true.

The actress herself had confirmed that she had indeed gone under the knife and that she was not satisfied with the results.

Instead of complaining or undergoing corrective surgeries to get her botched plastic surgery fixed, Jennifer had filed a lawsuit against her plastic surgeon.

Jennifer Esposito had simply wanted to get her skin tone evened out through laser treatment, but her face ended up with red stripes all over it. According to her lawsuit, she had undergone the procedure at New York Dermatology Group, and one of the technicians there botched the cosmetic procedure.

Considering the Jennifer Esposito had it all, people wonder why she made a conceited attempt at beauty. Even her lawyer agreed that Jennifer’s face looked like a nightmare. The botched procedure seriously burned, injured and scarred Jennier’s face. Apparently, the technician who had performed the procedure was not qualified to do so.

Ever since, both sides of Jennifer’s face bear permanent burn marks in a smeared, striped and unusual pattern. The botched procedure destroyed pigment-producing cells in her face as a result of which it has permanently lost pigmentation.

Jennifer’s face can never be exposed to sunlight ever again. She also claims that the strange-looking burn marks have affected her social life and hindered the success of her husband as a Sachs managing director.

Jennifer Esposito Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jennifer Esposito Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Apparently, Jennifer believed that the laser treatment would be performed by Dr. David Anthony Colbert, the person who founded the dermatology group. However, it was his assistant who performed it.

According to her, the doctor sees the patients very briefly, and they are then shuffled off to rooms where the procedures are performed by other members of the group.

Jennifer became aware of the discoloration of her face after she had left the office. Apart from malpractice, civil battery had also been claimed by her on the suit sheet. Apparently, Jennifer learned her lesson about the horrible side effects of cosmetic procedures in a rather harsh manner.