Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins appears to be maintaining her good looks despite her age, which has lead many people to question whether or not she had some work done on her face.

Rumor has it that Jennifer went under the knife not once but repeatedly over the years, a few times to define her cheeks and a couple more times to get facial fillers.

By the looks of things, the idea of her having work done isn’t that far-fetched given how widespread plastic surgery is among celebrities, although her alleged transformation isn’t all that obvious.

To be fair, if Jennifer did go under the knife, she didn’t really alter her image that much, which cannot be said about other celebs. Even so, there are some who say that the former Miss Universe underwent more than a workout routine to achieve her current look.

Jennifer Hawkins Plastic Surgery Before and After

According to these rumors, Jennifer Hawkins had work done on her lips via Botox Injections at some point in the past. She is also accused of getting a chin implant not long ago, which becomes apparent when comparing older pictures of her with how she looks like today.

Also worth mentioning is that the overall shape of her nose appears to have changed ever so slightly over the years, leading many to believe that Jennifer had a nose job a few years back. In fact, she is accused of having not one but a couple procedures as far as her nose is concerned.

Although there is some evidence to suggest foul play, it should also be said that Jennifer follows a rigorous workout routine and a relatively strict diet plan, so any changes in her appearance could also be owed to her healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer made it obvious over the years that she isn’t the type of person to have work done, but then again, this is precisely what most celebrities who go under the knife tend to say. In fact, she has denied these allegations time and time again, even when it became apparent that her face suffered some unnatural changes.

All things considered, it all comes down to whether you believe Jennifer’s side of the story because there is plenty of evidence to support both arguments. After all, it would be expected from a former Miss Universe to want to retain her good looks for as long as possible.