Katy Perry was Bullied as a Teenager Because of Her Breasts

Katy Perry was bullied as a teenager because of her breasts

Katy Perry

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Growing up in a household where both parents are extremely religious isn’t easy. In fact, Katy Perry’s parents aren’t too thrilled about the trajectory of her career, and how some people sexualize her.

While growing up, young Katy would often sing church songs at her local church, which is understandable seeing how she always had a passion for music.

But it isn’t her passion for music that drew people’s attention to her while she was growing up, but something more superficial.

Now her parents aren’t too pleased about how much attention people are giving to their daughter’s breasts, and who can blame them? Katy, on the other hand, was always the center of attention because of her body, even when she was a young girl. You see, kids would often tease young Katy at school because of the size of her breasts, which even then, were kind of big.

According to her, she longed for smaller breasts when growing up as she was always picked on by her classmates. Although these days she is very pleased with her chest size, she would sometimes be called ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’ in middle school. The artist herself points out the irony of being called ‘hot’ nowadays because of the same thing that caused so much discomfort while growing up.

Katy remembers how she used to wear minimiser bras in an effort to take the focus away from her chest, although she couldn’t be more happier with her breasts nowadays. During an interview, Katy said that she liked nothing more than to grow up looking like Kate Moss, with a thin physique and well-proportioned body. Well, you can’t have everything you want in life Katy, and we’re happy with how you turned out to be.