Lady Gaga Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]In February 2013, Lady Gaga had undergone surgery because she had been suffering from joint inflammation.

However, that is not the only surgery that the eccentric singer/songwriter has undergone, rather she is rumored to have gone under the knife multiple times for cosmetic reasons.

Considering that her nose has looked a bit thinner in recent years, she has become the subject of nose job rumors for quite a while now, and there might just be some truth to these allegations after all.

Moreover, even fans and followers of Lady Gaga have noticed that the shape and size of her nose drastically changed in recent years. Thus, it is very likely that she has undergone rhinoplasty at some point in these last few years. In the past, Lady Gaga’s nose used to be hooked and large, but now it looks much smaller, with a rather pinched looking tip.

It has also been noticed that the Bridge of Lady Gaga’s nose appears to be thinner as well. This particular change in the appearance of her nose could be a result of a subtle nose job, or her makeup routine that she keeps on changing.

Lady Gaga Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lady Gaga Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

If Lady Gaga were to actually address this rumor, she would probably go with the latter. After all, even in the past she has claimed that she has never gone under the knife and has called herself an “artist” who chooses the way people “envision” her.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon who happens to be a rhinoplasty specialist, is also very certain that Lagy Gaga has undergone rhinoplasty surgery. He points out that her nose looks a bit pinched, but he believes that her plastic surgeon still did a good job.

Even Dr. Michael Salzhauer, another plastic surgeon, also agrees that Lady Gaga has definitely had a nose job, perhaps a conservative one. No doubt, Lady Gaga’s new nose does not look that bad, but she will probably find it hard to prove that it is natural.