Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Lara Spencer, who is in her mid forties, makes it hard to tell whether she has undergone multiple plastic surgeries, because her appearance is seemingly natural.

Moreover, up till now, not many comparisons of Lara’s more recent photos to her older ones have been carried out on the social media, but there is still reason to speculate that she may been under the knife.

In fact, rumors have still been circulating that Lara may have moderately taken advantage of Botox and she may have also undergone liposuction as well.

However, despite the rumors and speculations, there is no solid evidence that she has actually gotten these procedures done. However, it is true that a substantial lack of wrinkles has been noticed on her face, which adds some weight to the Botox speculations, at least. Even in her more recent photographs, her face barely sports any wrinkles.

Moreover, there have not been any pictures in which Lara’s tummy is visible. Usually, it is her upper body that has been captured in most of the photographs that are readily available.

Some sources even point out that her forehead actually has some wrinkles here and there. Even so, signs of Botox Injections are present, although not many.

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

It seems that Lara Spencer may not have gone under the knife after all. As of lately, there are actually laugh lines and wrinkles visible on her face. This means that even if she went under the plastic surgeon needle or knife in the past, she may not be combating old age with the help of plastic surgery anymore.

In fact, she even made a comment not so long ago that she is not too keen to maintain her youthful appearance if it means going to the extreme, in terms of plastic surgery.

So, perhaps Lara Spencer never turned to plastic surgery at all, or at least she is not going under the knife any more.