Lil Kim Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Anyone who takes a look a Lil’ Kim’s older and more recent pictures will agree how obvious it is that she may have undergone breast augmentation at some point in the past.

Considering her appearance, it can also be seen that she may have had a variety of rhinoplasty (nose job) surgeries, which have changed the look of her nose.

Since her face has also become rather fuller in recent years, she has also been suspected of getting cheek implants.

Moreover, it is no secret that even at the age of 40, Lil’ Kim has a doll-like, plastic face, which has led to rumors that she has also taken advantage of Botox, or some other filler like Juvederm, and lip augmentation.

For years and years, fans of this rapper have been shocked by her. She has shocked them with her lyrics, with her scandalous outfits and as of lately, with her alleged plastic surgeries. When she recently appeared at an even in New York City, everyone who have been watching were particularly shocked by her appearance. She barely looked like herself. Rather, her face and lips looked like that of an unappealing doll, and her nose appeared to be smaller too.

Lil Kim Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lil Kim Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Recently, when Lil’ Kim was having an outing in West Hollywood, something rather interesting was noticed by certain observers. Apparently, she did not look herself, but appeared more like LaToya Jackson, and of course, the credit for this goes to her plastic surgery.

Lil Kim recently had an outing in West Hollywood, where observers noticed that she looked more like LaToya Jackson than herself, thanks to some overdone plastic surgery.

Since then, when she has stepped out, more and more people have noticed that she has been bearing an appearance identical to that of LaToya Jackson.

Wendy Williams, host of The Wendy Williams Show, has even attacked Lil’ Kim for the plentiful plastic surgeries she has apparently had.