Margot Robbie Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]She is one of the most talented and at the same time beautiful actresses in Hollywood right now, yet controversy hasn’t evaded Margot Robbie because when it comes to celebrities, it never does.

According to some disgruntled voices of the public, the beautiful Margot Robbie owes some of her good looks to a series of cosmetic procedures she allegedly had over the years.

Rumor has it that Margot went under the knife at least once throughout the years, seeing how some aspects of her appearance appear to have changed ever so slightly.

First of all, there are some who say that Margot Robbie had a nose job at some point, because when looking at older pictures of her, we see that her nose used to be a bit larger and bulbous.

When comparing recent pictures of Margot Robbie with pictures of her older self, we can’t help but notice some slight changes that may or may not be explained without invoking plastic surgery.

Margot Robbie Plastic Surgery Before and After

At the same time, some voices have stated that Margot Robbie underwent breast augmentation surgery along with her rhinoplasty and some filler injections as well. Then again, there are a number of similar procedures she might have had that would be perceived as facial fillers by the untrained eye.

Truth be told, we don’t really see much evidence to suggest that she did, in fact, had fillers injected into her face. What we do notice is that her nose did, in fact, change shape over the years, as well as her breasts who nowadays appear more firm and prominent than how they used to look like before Margot became an established Hollywood actress.

We should point out that her alleged plastic surgeries didn’t go unnoticed, especially by her fans who appear to have mixed feelings about the situation. On one hand, she nowadays looks a lot sexier than before, yet there are some who preferred her old homely look more than her current hot blonde bombshell appearance.

Either way, nobody can deny that Margot Robbie is by far one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet at this point in time, so whatever cosmetic procedures she underwent obviously did their job as intended.