Melanie Griffith Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Antonio Banderas often told Melanie Griffith not to “lust for beauty” and forbade her from ever going under the knife again.

Perhaps not intentionally, but this statement from Melanie’s husband does allude to the fact that she has undergone plastic surgery in the past.

Then again, Antonio himself has been suspected of having gone under the knife, and even though he told her that he is going to grow old with her, she seems to be doing the opposite.

As of lately, not only does it seem that Melanie has been going overboard with makeup application, but the absence of wrinkles on her forehead has also become quite apparent. In fact, no signs of aging can be seen on the rest of her face as well. Her eyes should have crows’ feet around them, she should have laugh lines, and there should be bags under her eyes, but that is not the case.

Considering that Melanie Griffith is in her late fifties, it is hard to believe that the lack of any signs of aging of Melanie’s face is a result of her having inherited youthful genes. Moreover, Melanie’s lips once again appear puffy, which means that she has likely gotten fillers injected into them.

Dr. Apostolos Gaitanis, a London-based plastic surgeon, is apparently quite certain that Melanie Griffith has undergone plastic surgery once again. He does not believe that good genes could be the reason behind Melanie’s youthful looks. All things considered, it does seem that Melanie had a facelift at some point, if not many.

Melanie Griffith Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Melanie Griffith Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

For quite a long time, Melanie Griffith has been rumored to have gone under the knife frequently. She has been suspected of having undergone a number of plastic surgery procedures.

These include blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast augmentation, liposuction, a possible facelift and forehead, and even the use of Botox.

While Melanie Griffith’s plastic surgery is obvious, experts believe her husband could be benefiting from chemical peels rather than visits to a plastic surgeon’s office. So, perhaps Antonio Banderas genuinely loathes the idea of going under the knife.