Olivia Munn Plastic Surgery Before And After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]There is no denying the fact that Olivia Munn is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood at this point in time.

This being said, there are some who say that Olivia’s good looks aren’t just a result of good genes or dieting but plastic surgery to some extent.

In all fairness, you wouldn’t normally associate her with plastic surgery, especially given the fact that she has always been pleasant to look at.

It’s just that despite her age, Olivia appears much younger than she really is; which some people have attributed to cosmetic surgery. In truth, she does somehow look younger than she really is, even though not by a lot.


The first thing we notice is that Olivia Munn doesn’t appear to show any signs of aging on her face. In fact, her skin appears to be almost perfect, which is somehow unusual for a woman in her 30’s.

Some say that the reason why Olivia doesn’t have any wrinkles is because of the Botox injections she had over these past few years. By the looks of things, it isn’t entirely obvious that she had Botox or any other type of facial fillers, although we have to admit it’s pretty weird that her face looks as perfect as it does.


There are also allegations that Olivia Munn had breast augmentation surgery at some point. What’s strange about this particular rumor is the fact that were we to compare older pictures of Olivia Munn with pictures of her today, we could see that her breasts have indeed gotten slightly bigger.


This being said, it could be that the reason why her chest size appears to have changed is because of her diet and/or workout routine. Even so, there is no clear indication that Olivia went through a breast enhancing procedure other than a few inconclusive pictures.

Last but not least, there are some who say that Olivia Munn had work done on her cheeks and jaw. For instance, they say that her face has a much better definition nowadays and that she owes it all to facial fillers.

Again, there is no really way to prove or disprove these rumors which is why we won’t say more on the subject until we have irrefutable proof.