Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Rumor has it that Susan Sarandon went under the knife at least once over these past few years in an attempt to replenish her lost charm and beauty.

In all fairness, Susan has always been known as a beautiful woman, so it kind of makes sense for her to try and retain whatever natural beauty she still has left while improving herself ever so slightly.

This being said, it still isn’t 100% certain whether Susan had plastic surgery or what exact procedure she had done, although there are quite a few those who believe this to be the case.

The actress who is now in her late 60s appears to have suffered some changes in the way she presents herself, changes some have attributed to cosmetic surgery. Seeing how Susan has never spoken against plastic surgery as an art, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to presume that she indeed went under the knife.

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery

As a matter of fact, Susan Sarandon actually admitted having been under the knife to rid herself of the loose skin on her neck. It also seems that the wrinkles accompanying them went along with them.

It appears that she also had Botox injections on more than one occasion, which may or may not have been necessary following the procedure on her neck. Still, Susan seems quite open about her cosmetic procedures, even though there is a possibility that she had more than she admits to.

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery

On a related note, Susan appears to have had a rhinoplasty at some point, one she has also admitted to not long ago. According to Susan, the procedure gave her a better definition as far as her face goes, a more symmetrical outlook even.

What’s interesting about this whole thing is that unlike other actors or actresses, Susan is quite brave when it comes to dealing with plastic surgery allegations.

As such, she not only admits to having gone under the knife but she also says that she is considering getting further work done to her face in the near future.

All things considered, we have to admit that Susan Sarandon had the good fortune of finding very good plastic surgeons to work on her looks because none of the procedures she admitted to appear too obvious. In fact, it would be safe to say that they have definitely improved her already good looks by quite a bit.