Sylvester Stallone Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Back when he was starring in the Rambo and Rocky films, perhaps no one would have thought that the Italian Stallion would go under the knife some day.

However, 68 year old Sylvester Stallone has not been spared because his appearance suggests that he may have undergone plastic surgeries like Botox, a browlift and a face lift.

Sylvester has been one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars, but apparently, plastic surgery has contributed to lengthening his acting career.

A couple of years back, Sylvester had appeared at the Venice Film Festival and it had seemed as if he had just exited a plastic surgeon’s clinic. Considering his role as Rambo and Rocky, it was rather ironic that he proudly displayed scars on his forehead, a sign that he may have had a browlift at that time.

According to Dr. David Shafer, a Manhattan-based plastic surgeon, signs of a facelift and forehead lift, especially those scars, can be seen in pictures of Sylvester Stallone. He explains that lateral skin bunching and unnatural peaks can be seen on Sylvester’s eyebrows. Judging from his previous post-plastic surgery photos, Dr. David believes that Sylvester’s appearance does look “improved,” especially the fact that his skin does seem to be swollen anymore and his tissues seem to have “softened.”

Sylvester Stallone Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sylvester Stallone Facelift Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dr. Anthony Youn also noticed something unnatural about Sylvester Stallone appearance in a recent interview. Apparently, his jawline seemed to be nice and sharp. According to Dr. Anthony, that is not something natural for a man of his age.

Dr. Anthony also agrees that Sylvester Stallone may have had a facelift when he crossed 60. Considering how good his skin looks for his age, Dr. Dr. Anthony also believes that he might be taking advantage of chemical peels and other skin care on a medical level.

Some readers may even agree that Sylvester Stallone is starting to look like Burt Reynolds. While the rumor mill will probably not stop churning up rumors about Sly, but it is unlikely that the tough action star is bothered by them at all.