Vanessa Ferlito Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]It appears that Vanessa Ferlito’s facial features have changed ever so slightly over time, something that can be attributed to plastic surgery no doubt.

According to some rumors, Vanessa Ferlito went under the knife in a bid to get a more symmetrical nose, yet she got one that gives her nose a more ‘pinched’ look overall.

She appears to have had some work done on the bridge of her nose, giving it a less jagged and more even appearance. The nose was also reshaped so as to get rid of the seemingly prominent nostrils.

We need not be so quick to incriminate Ferlito although it does appear that her nose looks slightly more ‘pinched’ these days. Her old distinctive nostrils are not as visible as they once
were, while the jagged and uneven bridge is more symmetrical now than before.

When we compare older pictures of Vanessa Ferlito with more recent ones, her nose appears to have slightly changed its shape over time.

The ‘polished’ appearance includes a more symmetrical nose overall, with the tip being pointed, and the bridge slightly narrower.

Vanessa Ferlito Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Apart from her nose job, Vanessa Ferlito appears to have also undergone other procedures, presumably lip enhancements at some point over these past few years.

The lip filler injections have improved her looks, giving her a more sensual appearance overall.

Venessa Ferlito understands perfectly the importance of looking good as an actress, seeing how she isn’t getting any younger. It is therefore no wonder then that she has gone out of her way to fix what she does not like about the way she looks.

All things considered, if Vanessa Ferlito had a rhinoplasty, as rumors have it, it was for the better, as she now looks better. Maybe she began to put her makeup differently, but that cannot be attributed to the more symmetrical nose.

Even if some may be quick to accuse Ferlito of having an unnatural look, she looks much better these days than before and she really should not regret undergoing cosmetic surgery when she did as it appears to have worked out quite well for her.