Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rumor has it that Vida Guerra recently admitted to a close friend that she underwent plastic surgery a few years ago to shape up her breasts and buttocks.

Although it isn’t uncommon for models to go under the knife, the fact that a fitness model like Vida who prides herself in living a healthy lifestyle would even consider it is a bit shocking.

Even so, there are some arguments to be made about the shape of her breasts and buttocks, with or without the recent plastic surgery allegations.

First of all, it should be said that fitness models will often lose a lot of body fat as part of their workout regimen, which may explain why some of them choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery at one point or another.

Such is the case with Vida Guerra who appears to have had some work done on her breasts a few years back to correct her slimming breasts. Like we said, this is perfectly natural for any woman who works out a lot, but we can see why some woman might have a problem with this.

Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery Before and After

When comparing older pictures of Vida Guerra with pictures of her today, we can’t help but see how her breasts have gotten slightly rounder and better defined. Other than pregnancy, no natural phenomenon can cause that, which leads us to suspect foul play.

Interestingly enough, sources close to the model claim that this isn’t the first time she goes under the knife, stating that she had another breast augmentation surgery more than nine years ago.

Whatever the case, it would be safe to say that Vida Guerra greatly benefitted from her alleged procedures because she looks absolutely gorgeous. We say this in the context of a woman now in her 40s who looks better than most women half her age.

Last but not least, there are some who claim that she also had work done on her nose and buttocks at some point, but given the lack of clear evidence to support this claim, we should perhaps attribute her good looks to her rigorous workout routine.