Zac Efron Chin Iimplant & Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The sweet-faced Zac Efron from his days of starring in Disney’s High School Musical series is not the same anymore.

Apart from the fact that he is all grown up, he also looks quite different from his days when he was dancing and singing.

Obviously, it makes people wonder whether it is adulthood or plastic surgery, particular a chin implant and nose job (rhinoplasty) that brought about these changes.

The now 26-year old Zac Efronhas sported a more defined jaw recently, which has stirred up rumors that he may have gotten a chin implant. Others, especially his diehard fans, believe he may have simply lost some baby fat, as a result of which his bone structure has become more visible. Morever, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, thinks the same as well.

According to Dr. Salzhauer, it is quite apparent that Zac may have had a nose job in the past. Dr. Salzhauer that it is because Zac may have lost his adolescent full checks that he his chin now looks quite different.

She claims that the faces of teenagers tend to thin out as they grow and their face become more defined, much like Zac’s. Dr. Salzhauer even praises Zac for his “very masculine look” due to his now defined and strong facial features.

Zac Efron Chin Iimplant & Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Zac Efron Chin Iimplant & Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, what about the nose job? There have also been rumors that Zac Efron may have had rhinoplasty done, which is apparently the reason that the tip of his nose appears to be more sculpted and the bridge of his nose is now more noticeably crooked.

Apart of having been rumored to have gone under the knife, there have been speculations that Zac may have relied on steroids to get buff. Of course, Hollywood celebrities have the best fitness trainers at their disposal, so the muscle mass may have come naturally. If he has not even had a chin implant, then perhaps even the change in the appearance of Zac Efron’s nose may just be a trick of the eye.