Emily Ratajkowski Beauty Routine

Emily Ratajkowski looking realy hot in red

Emily Ratajkowski Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Emily Ratajkowski is a name we’re hearing more and more recently, and for good reasons as well.

The beautiful 22-year-old model set the world ablaze with her appearance in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video, and she’s been enjoying the popularity that episode brought her ever since.

Because of it, Emily has received countless offers for collaboration and endorsements, which made her a rising star in the modeling world.

Because of her popularity, Emily must always look at her best, and the beautiful English-born American model is aware of this at all times. You would think that her success opened a whole new world of cosmetics and beauty products to her, and you would be wrong. In fact, Emily recently revealed the simplicity of her makeup and beauty routine.

Emily revealed in a recent interview that her mother was a beauty product ‘junkie’, and was obsessed with getting lots of them. It was her mother’s compulsive need ‘have 12,000 beauty products‘ while only using three of them that made Emily develop a more composed attitude over what products she uses and how often she uses them.

Emily Ratajkowski’s beauty routine is fairly simple. She only uses water to wash her face, and only removes makeup with a tissue and moisturizer. Furthermore, instead of expensive eye cream, Emily applies Aquaphor under her eyes at night, a product she says keeps her skin from drying out.

Interestingly enough, Emily blends foundation with moisturizer, a practice that gives her a very natural look. Furthermore, Emily claims that she doesn’t use eye shadow, and she doesn’t even own such a thing. Instead, whenever she wants to look more dramatic, she uses liquid liner to give herself a ‘cat eye’ effect.

As for the lipstick, Emily doesn’t necessarily like using red lipstick, despite using it in the famous ‘Blurred Lines’ video. As a matter of fact, she prefers using a berry color that also acts as blush. Last but not least, Emily likes to keep her face bare, which is understandable considering how amazing her skin is. The only real feature she likes playing around with is her eyebrows.