Miley Cyrus Beauty Routine

Miley Cyrus Beauty Routine

Miley Cyrus Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The unpredictable and unconventional Miley Cyrus has constantly been in the spotlight lately, which is exactly what you would expect from someone with her… temperament.

Despite her impulsive nature, however, Miley remains a sweet girl at heart, a fact reflected by her willingness to share make-up tips with her fans.

Miley did this on several occasions lately, whether it was on her Twitter account, during interviews, or even in person.

Many people wonder what Miley’s skin care routine is, what she likes, and how she maintains such a smooth skin. Speaking of skin, she claims to use Sensai Silky Purifying Cleansing Gel following the mask two times a week. If, for whatever reason, she doesn’t have Sensai gel around, she uses Cetaphil Cleaner and face lotion, a combination that is equally productive. She also prefers to use Yonka Cream to brighten her face tone instead of using an eye cream.

Miley has many beauty tips for her fans, and she doesn’t shy away from being vocal about her routine. For instance, she exfoliates in the shower two times a week, a process she claims provides her with a fresh sensation all over her body. She is also a big fan of curling her lashes on a daily basis, which is obvious when you look at her. As for her lips, Miley says she always chooses lipbalm over anything else, as it really picks up on her natural color.

Her strong hair is also something to be proud of, a strong hair that comes as a result of deep conditioning treatments two times a week. To keep her curls under control, she uses a de-frizzer detangler which prevents it from losing its strength throughout the many physical activities that are part of her daily schedule. Speaking of activities, Miley has a make-up artist helping her before major events, but prefers to keep herself fresh using just a splash of rose water mist when she’s just being casual.

In order to look at her very best, Miley often uses tanning towels, a process that saves her from having to put on make-up every time she gets out of the house. Last but not least, Miley goes to the gym regularly to keep herself fit and healthy. Pilates training and yoga are just a few of the many activities from her workout routine, a routine we talked about already.