Emma Watson Diet Plan

Emma Watson Diet Plan

Emma Watson Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Emma Watson has already garnered quite a lot of success from starring in the ‘Harry Potter‘ film series in the role of Hermione Granger, and she recently starred in the biblically inspired film ‘Noah’.

However, the 24-year old actress recently revealed that she apparently has a backup plan if at some point acting does not work out for her, which is highly unlikely. Nonetheless, Emma happens to be a certified yoga instructor.

Apart from acting, Emma paints and has studied at Brown University, but apparently that was not enough. Emma revealed that she wanted to put her brain to use in another way and apparently she is passionate about yoga, which is how she ended up becoming a “board-two-certified qualified yoga instructor.” Emma’s life must obviously be hectic, so no wonder that she needs yoga to find some balance.

As far as Emma’s dietary secrets behind her perfectly-toned physique are concerned, she actually enjoys eating chocolate and pasta, and does not believe in dieting. Even though she is, Emma does not aspire to be super-skinny, as she herself has said on several occasions.

Emma has admitted that she has no choice but to “count the calories of everything” that she eats, simply for the sake of her career in Hollywood. However, she is apparently fond of cooking and eating, and loves to make herself nice meals regardless of the contents of those meals.

If she counts calories, then it is likely that her regular diet is most likely quite a balanced one, possibly low in salt, saturated fat and sugar. It is very likely that she eats plenty of fruits and vegetables, but apparently, she does not skip her favorite foods.

Lucky for her, she does intense cardio and yoga as a part of her workout plan, which keeps her in shape. According to sources, she even does Pilates and sprinting too. This being said, it probably does not matter that she indulges in junk food occasionally.