Beyonce Knowles Workout Routine and Diet Plan

This is How Beyonce Knowles Stays in Shape

Beyonce Knowles Workout Routine and Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Beyonce Knowles is one of the best selling musicians of all times, which is why she won 17 Grammy Awards throughout her career.

Although she is an extremely talented singer, actress, and song writer, people also admire her for her voluptuous figure and her amazing good looks.

As we will soon find out, Beyonce does a lot of hard work to keep herself in top physical form, especially now that she had a baby not so long ago. So without further ado, here is how Beyonce’s workout routine and diet plan look like:

Beyonce’s Workout Routine

We should start off by saying that Beyonce has a strong connection with physical trainer Marco Borges. Marco has helped Beyonce in the past develop her own routine by adapting his signature training philosophy called ‘Power Moves’.

With it, Beyonce is able to burn an awful lot of calories within a short period of time just by doing treadmill exercises that are usually followed by cardio training routines. This workout routine is designed to be implemented on a day to day basis, which means that Beyonce can change the routines every day according to her needs.

  • On Mondays she usually warms up for about five minutes before proceeding with her circuit training. This consists of exercises such as: squats, cobra planks, press, reverse lunges, push ups, straight leg crunches, reverse dips, and pike push ups. This will usually be followed by a couple of minutes on the treadmill.
  • On Tuesdays she does cardiovascular exercises as well as her regular circuit training. Her Tuesday routine involves dumbbell rows, front and back lunges, Spiderman pushups, overhead medicine bail squat, abdominal twists, medicine ball lunges with a twist, single leg dead lift, and V-ups. Just like Mondays, her Tuesday routine ends with treadmill exercises that last only a few minutes.
  • On Wednesdays she focuses on jumping lunges, stability ball curls, triceps extensions, twisting planks, l-pull ups, resistance ball chest press, shoulder raises, reverse grip bicep curls, and medicine ball toe touches. Like always, her training session ends with treadmill exercises and / or cardio training.

For the rest of the week, Beyonce usually combines all these exercises into a routine of her choosing. This allows her to focus on a specific area that she feels like improving. In addition, she and her trainer Marco work on body circuit exercises that focus on the four joints of the body, a routine that is also featured in Marco’s book ‘Power Moves: The Four Motions to Transform Your Body’.

Beyonce’s Diet Plan

Beyonce claims that she ate one vegetarian meal a day during the months following childbirth, which helped her lose a lot of the extra weight she put on during pregnancy.

During this time, Beyonce developed the habit of eating green leafy vegetables, which are very good at providing adequate nutrition. In addition, she ate a lot of cucumbers, green apples, edamame, cayenne peppers, and lemon.

Despite her strict diet plan, however, Beyonce claims that her workout sessions are the ones responsible for how good she looks at the moment.