Natalie Portman Training and Diet Plan for the Movie Black Swan

Natalie Portman Training and Diet Plan for the Movie Black Swan

Natalie Portman Training and Diet Plan for the Movie Black Swan


[ads1 id=”alignright”]Natalie has always been an actress of the highest caliber, ever since the days of ‘Leon the Professional’.

Like a fine wine, Natalie’s qualities have only got better over time, and today, she is one of the most respected and admired figures in Hollywood.

Throughout her career, Natalie has always put an extraordinary effort into understanding the nature of her characters, what motivates them, and what exactly she has to do to become them.

This is precisely the case with one of Natalie’s latest performances as Nina Sayers in psycho-drama ‘Black Swan’. In fact, her performance as the Swan Queen was so good, that she won an Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.

In order to fully immerse herself in the role, Natalie had to go through many hours of extreme training and preparation. The preparation started six months prior to the filming, and it involved ballet training, cross training, swimming, and workout routines. The only way she could give credibility to her role was to become the dark and haunting persona surrounding her character. Unfortunately, the team trainers and dancers working with her couldn’t help her with that part. What they could help her with, however, was the physical preparation required to be a ballerina.

Natalie, who used to study dance until the age of 13, welcomed the opportunity to get into the world of ballet dancing, as it is something that has always fascinated her.

Natalie has always been careful about her diet, which is why she always had a slim and attractive figure. Not only is she careful about her diet, but she is also a vegetarian, and has been one for as long as she can remember. Her healthy lifestyle helped her quite a lot with the preparation for the movie, as the entire premise of her character revolved around a fit and flexible body.

As part of her preparation for the role, she had to exercise up to 8 hours a day. During her workout routines, she had to swim around 2 miles a day, and make room still for ballet training. Her trainers said when interviewed, that by the time when filming started, Natalie had all the physical attributes of a professional ballerina, minus the technique of course.

As ballerinas are extremely thin, Natalie had to lose a bit of weight before the filming started, which meant that she had to endure some pretty rigorous dieting. As a matter of fact, she was told to lose as much weight as possible without looking sick, which isn’t what Natalie did unfortunately. She did so much dieting in fact, that by the time filming started, she was eating around 500 calories a day. This prompted some concern from her trainers, who eventually told her that she took her diet a bit too far. Still, the filming went great regardless, and the movie was a huge box office success, so maybe Natalie knew what she was doing after all.