Christina Hendricks Diet Plan

Christina Hendricks Diet plan

Christina Hendricks Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Many have wondered how the curvy Christina Hendricks keeps her famous hourglass figure, which has been frequently praised, in shape.

According to Christina herself, she spends plenty of time working out with her husband. Apparently, Christina has her own secrets that have enabled her to feel great and stay fit, regardless of the constant pressure of being an actress.

Until the age of 19, Christina was a dancer, and back then, she never cared about what she ate and never bothered working out as much as she does now. Even though she now exercises regularly and takes vitamins, she apparently has to “constantly remind [herself]” to do these things.

Prior to her mid-20s, Christina was a model in Europe and New York. When she was in Italy she ate her way towards putting on 15 pounds of weight, which actually gave her the natural body weight that she has happily embraced ever since. Consequently, Christina refuses to follow a strict diet, and eats virtually anything, as long as it is healthy.

During snack time, she apparently has soups that she prepares with her husband and stores them in the refrigerator. Christina is also very open to trying new cooking techniques and foods. Christina has admitted that she does not like fried food, but she and her husband still “experimented” with a deep fryer that he had got for his birthday.

Christina believes that there is no harm in eating some comfort food occasionally. “Spaghetti with red sauce” is the comfort food that she loves to eat every now and then. She claims that making it is quite easy, and sometimes she even orders from room service.

Of course, along with everything that she eats, fitness is a major part of the daily routine of Christina Hendricks, which is how her hourglass figure remains curvy and voluptuous, which has been dubbed “ideal shape” for women.