Jessica Alba Diet Plan

Jessica Alba Diet Plan

Jessica Alba Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Jessica Alba returned to the front page of magazines just months after giving birth. For most women, this is inconceivable.

In all fairness, the type of workout routines that celebrities go through in order to get in shape after having a baby is beyond difficult.

We don’t know how most celebrities handle their workout routines after pregnancy, but we know plenty about the way Jessica Alba did it.

First of all, Jessica says that she wore a girdle after both pregnancies, and that she isn’t interested that much into looking fit. All she cares about according to her, is that she feels healthy and full of energy. In fact, Jessica even wrote a book calledThe Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You‘ that focuses on the healthier aspects of life and how you can look at your best while feeling the same way. She also launched her own baby range, which makes it pretty clear that Jessica is all about living healthy.

Although she always seems fit, Jessica has a very short attention span when working out, so she sometimes finds it hard to concentrate on her workout routine. Even so, with the help of her trainer, Ramona Braganza, she found a way to to focus on her routine by thinking about the benefits that await her afterwards. For instance, she sometimes drifts off during her workout sessions, and cannot be bothered to resume them the same day. When this happens, she usually finds it within herself to do extra cardio the next day.

Jessica is a fan of the 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone, especially now after the pregnancy, and has been following it religiously in the months after giving birth. This diet involves three meals, two healthy snacks, and about one liter of water every day. Furthermore, she puts a lot of focus into eating low glycemic carbs, lean proteins, and of course, fresh vegetables. Still, even though it may appear healthy for the untrained eye, eating a lot of fruit isn’t necessarily recommended due to the high concentration of sugar.

Last but not least, Jessica does her best not to eat salty foods, no matter how much she craves them. She did so during the pregnancy as well, and has to intention of stopping now. Instead, she will usually eat dried seaweed or almonds, rice crackers, and Popchips. When she feels like eating something sweet, she usually goes for some cherries and strawberries.