Jessica Alba Workout Routine

Jessica Alba Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to find out that Jessica Alba actually follows a relatively strict diet plan along with a similar workout routine to go with it.

Although some of you might be tempted to think that he owes her good looks to genetics alone, you should know that she actually spends an awful lot of time looking after herself.

Combine her regular schedule with the work she puts into training for every role she plays and you might begin to understand why Jessica looks as good as she does.

First of all, we should point out the many benefits of following a workout routine like the one Jessica follows. We are not talking here just about the physical benefits but the mental tranquility such a workout provides.

To be more precise, Jessica hits the gym around four times a week, sometimes even more often than that if she finds the time. If not, she is usually content to working out two or three times a week, especially when she has a busy schedule.

During her workouts, she prefers to focus on spine exercises and yoga sessions, although she will often combine them with light cardio. Interestingly enough, she usually goes to bed early so she can work out as soon as she wakes up in the morning.

Having said that, let us point out that she also doesn’t say ‘no’ to working out as intensely as necessary whenever she takes on a new role for a film. In this respect, she often lifts weights, does cardio, and even runs laps if her workout schedule requires it.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that Jessica follows a strict diet plan that involves a lot of lean protein and vegetables. She also stays away from dairy, gluten, processed and fried foods of any kind.

Last but not least, Jessica says that she doesn’t involve herself in any activity she doesn’t feel confident doing, no matter how much it might help her appearance. Instead, she would rather stick to her regular routine, one that she knows for a fact that it can help her not only look good but feel good about herself as well.