Sandra Bullock’s Workout Routine for the movie Gravity

Sandra Bullock’s Workout Routine for the movie Gravity

Sandra Bullock’s Workout Routine for the movie Gravity

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The movie ‘Gravity’ landed close to 124 million in sales ever since its release, and is being regarded as one of the best movies of the year.

In most scenes, Sandra appears to be floating in space, this being the entire plot of the movie actually. For the role Sandra had to work out one and a half hours a day, and six times a week to get her body in shape.

According to Sandra, she had to push herself to the extremes during work out, which is why she choose to be trained by celebrity fitness legend Simone De La Rue.

The workout routine incorporated weight training, cardio, pilates, dance and yoga. Simone believed that dance cardio ensured that the body is fully toned. Dance training is often demanding and the body works hard to cope with the pressure. This requires core strength and it eventually improves coordination and balance while toning the muscles. All the exercises played a crucial part in Bullock’s character, a character that was portraying the effects of zero gravity in space. Here is a comprehensive insight of Sandra’s workout routine.

The workout plan involved two sets of every routine and having a break of half a minute between each move. The supplies in this case include 3 pound dumbbells, a pilates ball and a resistance band. If you’re thinking about doing it yourself, this is how you do it:

Step one

  • Pilates ball is placed between your knees while standing with feet wide apart
  • Rising to the balls of the feet while raising arms to chest height. Your palms would face the ground as you squat.
  • This requires twenty repetitions

Step two

  • Sit With the right knee bent, foot flexed and left leg extended in front of you and foot on the ground.
  • Wrapping the resistance tube around the left foot and placing right foot on ends is the next step.
  • Lean back and lower the forearms while raising your leg i.e. left until the tube is tight. Point the toes while lifting the left leg until you reach a position where the thighs are parallel. Flex the foot as you lower to the original position.
  • Do a thirty repetitions of the exercise and switch sides

Step three

  • With legs stacked and knees bent lie on your right side and put your forearm on the ground
  • Looping the center of the tube around the left leg while holding each ends and ensuring that the band is taut. Return to the original position and do thirty repetitions.
  • Switch sides to complete one set

Step four

  • while the right forearm is on the ground lie on your right side
  • the Pilate ball is then placed between the ankles and legs extended
  • Do 20 repetitions, switch sides for uniformity, and set completion.

Step five

  • With knees bent sit and maintain feet wide apart on the ground
  • Under your lower back place the Pilate ball and lean towards or against it with the hips tuck forward.
  • Bend the elbows and lower the weights behind the ears in a way that the arms form a W, return to the original position and do 20 repetitions to complete the exercise.

Step six

  • Getting on all fours with the right hand on the Pilates ball and dumbbell on the left arm is the first step.
  • Raise your left arm to shoulder level then lower to the original position, do twenty repetitions and switch sides to finish the set.

Sandra Bullock’s ‘Gravity’ routine was tasking and it required dedication and commitment in order to achieve the desired body shape, but we can all agree that it turned out well.