Lauren Cohan Workout Routine

Lauren Cohan Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]As some of you may have guessed, the main reason why Lauren Cohan looks as gorgeous as she does is that she rarely misses a workout session if she can help it.

The fact that she lives an active lifestyle certainly has an impact on how she looks, with or without the help of the cosmetics she employs.

Speaking of which, Lauren swears by a number of products she uses on a regular basis, but none as important as her routine and the rules she lives by.

First of all, she not only works out on a regular basis but also takes yoga classes from time to time. She also loves to dance as often as she finds the time, which in itself is also a great workout if you do it often enough.

What’s interesting about Lauren’s workout regimen is that she also works out following exercise DVDs that involve a lot of leg exercises. The reason behind this is because Lauren travels a lot and she doesn’t get to visit the gym all that often.

Also interesting is that Lauren eats as healthy as her schedule allows her to, although she tries to avoid eating too much fast food. On occasion, she will fill a few jars with dressing and use them throughout the week when making various dishes that she likes to prepare herself.

Not many people know this but Lauren used to be quite skinny as a kid, which would prompt her classmates to sometimes poke fun of her looks. For this reason, Lauren used to be quite self-conscious about the way she looked but not anymore.

Given her active lifestyle, Lauren will sometimes try to take some time off from herself so that she can focus her attention on her personal life. In this regard, she tries to regain balance both physically and mentally by meditating as often as she finds the time.

Actually, Lauren sometimes goes to a 10-day meditation retreat either by herself or with a friend, a practice that seems to help her quite a lot. This enables her to find inner peace and to stop worrying all the time, which she normally finds quite difficult given her energetic nature.