Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kaley Cuoco Diet Plan

Kaley Cuoco Workout Routine and Diet Plan


[ads1 id=”alignright”]A big part of the TV-show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ where she plays one of the main protagonists, Kaley gathered a very large fan base in recent years, and their number is still raising.

As a matter of fact, statistics show that TBBT is one of the most popular shows in the world at the moment. In this show, Kaley plays Penny, a young woman who lives in the same apartment building with a group of nerds.

As per her role’s description, Kaley has to always be in her best shape, as the storyline requires her to look beautiful at all times.

Kaley has recently revealed her exercise routine and eating habits. It appears that she takes an active interest in keeping herself not only fit, but healthy at the same time. Although not much of a workout routine, Kaley loves to go horse riding as often as possible. According to her, this is the perfect combination of mental and physical workout. Say what you want about horse riding, it is extremely hard to master and very tiresome if done intensely. Kaley herself says that after one of these sessions, she is usually left with terrible pain and a sense of general exhaustion.

Kaley goes horse riding for about 60 minutes at a time, 4 times a week. Afterwards, she will sometimes attend the gym where she will do a bit of cardio and light exercises. Still, this isn’t an everyday occurrence, and she admits to only work out every once in a while. From this point of view, Kaley isn’t the most disciplined of people, as she often opts out of training if she doesn’t feel one hundred percent that day. Even so, Kaley knows that she has to work out if she wants to maintain a healthy body, so she performs alternative exercises.

For instance, Kaley takes ‘spinning classes’, which is a very peculiar way of exercising. Spinning classes are all about indoor cycling, and they involve some pretty unique workout techniques. Designed to build on a person’s butt, thigh, calves, and core muscles, spinning sessions can contain all the attributes of conventional biking, without having to actually go out. Of course, Kaley will sometimes go out biking as well, but most of the times she will settle for spinning classes and nothing more.

Kaley is also careful with what she eats, but only slightly. For instance, she enjoys eating her own cooked food when possible, although she will settle for any type of homemade food regardless of who prepared it. Even so, she doesn’t say no to a daily subway sandwich with onions and jalapenos, no matter how much it sets her diet plan back. Furthermore, Kaley is a big fan of diet cola, and she will sometimes drink 4 cans a day. All things considered, Kaley Cuoco isn’t a good role model when it comes to dieting and workouts, not by a long shot. She does, however, work out every once in a while, and it shows just by looking at her.