Miley Cyrus Diet Plan

Miley Cyrus Diet Plan

Miley Cyrus Diet Plan

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Regardless of her craving for attention, Miley Cyrus definitely has killer abs, which she has been exposing rather frequently as of lately, thanks to the crop tops and skimpy outfits she wears.

Her body appeared noticeably slimmer at the Video Music Awards in 2013 where she had twerked it out with Robin Thicke, which led to the spread of a rumor that the 21-year-old may be suffering from an eating disorder.

This is not the first time Miley has been bashed for her slim figure and midriff. Back in 2012, she posted a Tweet on her Twitter profile after successful weight loss, claiming that she is not anorexic, but that she is on a gluten- and lactose-free diet because she is allergic to them. She even called glutten “crapppp.”

It has been reported that Miley Cyrus apparently only eats foods like egg white omelets, fruits and raw vegetables. This also means that she cannot and does not eat fast food. She herself has admitted that she “can’t eat it” though her mouth certainly waters whenever she sees fast food, as she wrote in a recent Tweet.

Miley Cyrus even advises others to “try no gluten for a week.” According to her, it can bring a change in both mental and physical health, and the skin. She claims that anyone who goes gluten-free will not want to go back. For those wondering, a gluten-free diet mostly excludes wheat foods that contain the protein composite known as gluten.

Of course, the credit for Miley’s slim figure cannot solely go to her gluten- and lactose-free diet. Miley Cyrus actually takes Pilates classes, and in her defense, Mari Winsor, her Pilates instructor also informed everyone that Miley does not have any eating disorder, rather she is simply healthy and “feels good.”

Perhaps it is true that Miley is “smart about her body” and it can certainly be seen in the way she looks. All things considered, Miley is one of the most desired young women in show business, so she must be doing something right.