Rashida Jones Workout Routine

Rashida Jones Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]You don’t get to look as good as Rashida Jones does without putting at least a little effort into your appearance, which is exactly what Rashida does.

The Harward graduate, who also plays various instruments and who also gets involved in a lot of charity work, hasn’t always lived a healthy lifestyle, but that all changed as she got older.

You see, in her early years, Rashida was rather chubby in every sense of the word, which you wouldn’t believe simply by looking at her today.

As far as her routine goes, let us point out right from the start that Rashida is an early bird and that she gets up at around 5 AM. She then begins her daily routine at around 7 AM, a lot earlier than most people in Hollywood these days.

In terms of exercising, it has to be said that Rashida works out as often as time allows it during the week, sometimes up to 6 days a week. Her workout habits depend largely on how busy she is and whether or not she’s traveling, of course, but for the most part, she enjoys exercising as often as possible.

Speaking of exercising, Rashida is quite fond of pilates exercises, a routine that helped strengthen her core muscles while providing her with a lean and toned body. In this respect, she adheres to something called a ‘Series of Five’, a type of routine she swears by.

She does pilates exercises around three times a week, maybe more when time allows it. At the same time, we have to point out that she isn’t necessarily a fitness freak but that she definitely urges her fans to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising as often as they can.

Rashida is also a fan of Yoga, spinning, and salsa dancing along with pretty much any other physical activity that she might be interested in from time to time. For example, she prefers to go on long walks from time to time, which is definitely healthy by pretty much all standards.

Also worth pointing out is the fact that Rashida will sometimes develop obsessive tendencies to overdo a specific exercise if she is a big fan of it. In this respect, we should point out that she was once obsessed with running up to 6 times a week in the past, a practice she toned down over time.

All in all, Rashida is very disciplined when it comes to her workout sessions, although like we said, it sometimes depends on how much time she has to spare given her work not only as an actress but as an author, singer, and screenwriter as well.