Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Back in 2012, Ashley Judd spent a lot of time promoting ABC’s Missing, a mystery thriller drama TV series that had premiered the same year.

It was unfortunate that the series was ultimately cancelled, and even more unfortunate that many began suspecting Ashley Judd, the producer and star of the series, of having gone under the knife.

There was a time when Ashley was one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous and slimmest actresses. However, she became a subject of plastic surgery rumors in 2012 when her face looked visibly filled-out and puffy, especially seen during her appearances on talk shows.

One of Ashley’s representatives claimed that she was battling flu and a chronic, serious sinus infection. According to Dr. Vincent Chan, facial puffiness can be caused by long-term use of medications and steroids for the treatment of sinus problems.

Although Dr. Anthony Youn, another plastic surgeon, also claims that there could be some truth behind the explanation, he also believes that there could be another reason behind Ashley’s puffy face.

He claims that Ashley’s face could not have been that puffy if she had started taking steroids a couple of days beforehand. He explained that Ashley had not used any steroids; her facial appearance could be described as a “pillow face,” a side effect of the overuse of injectable filler.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections

Dr. Anthony suspects that following the Hollywood plastic surgery trend, Ashley Judd may have taken advantage of Sculptra injections to get her cheeks plumped up. He believes that is why her cheeks appear nearly “chimpmunk-like” and why she has a pillow face.

He even admits that he is not convinced that the puffy appearance of Ashley’s face was a result of steroid use, nor does he believe her story one bit.

Whether Ashley had actually overused cosmetic fillers or sinus medications is somewhat of a mystery, but the fact remains, Ashley Judd still has a puffy, pillow face in recent photographs taken of her.