Christina Ricci Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Dr. David Shafer, a celebrity plastic surgeon, is among the many who have suspected that at some point or the other, 34 year old Christina Ricci may have had a nose job.

Based on the comparison of older and more recent photographs of Christina Ricci, Dr. Davind’s speculation is that Christina now has a more defined tip of the nose and smaller nostrils.

Back when she was not even 30 years old, Christina Ricci herself admitted that she would have plastic surgery if she did not manage to age gracefully.

She further admitted that she would also do the same if her skin began sagging as a result of aging. She even revealed that she does not mind undergoing dental work or plastic surgery if she ever has to. Sure, back then she was still young enough to be showing too many drastic signs of aging, however, it has now been around 4 or so years since she expressed this opinion.

Even at the age of 34, it does not appear that she has been aging in a “really unfortunate manner” as she had been afraid she would. So, apparently, Christina Ricci made the decision to go under the knife a bit too soon. The fact that she even admitted that she is fond of the “pills” that plastic surgeons give, referring to pain relievers, she could be possibly hinting to her own person experience.

Christina Ricci Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

After having compared pictures of Christina, New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. David is certain that Christina’s appearance suggests that she may have undergone a “nose procedure.” However, he has also appreciated the fact that her appearance is still “nice” rather than “overdone,” as in the case of many Hollywood celebrities.

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before and After

Even Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami-based plastic surgeon, believes that even though Christina’s nose looks “very natural,” it does seem that she has undergone rhinoplasty. Agreeably enough, her improved nose has given her face a “more sophisticated look.”

There are also plenty of rumors regarding her alleged breast reduction surgery, a surgery that clearly modified the shape of her upper body. However, we’ll have to research the subject thoroughly before going into it.