Celine Dion Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Although Celine Dion impresses more with her voice rather than her looks, it has to be said that she has always been a fairly attractive woman.

Even so, there are many those who believe that Celine had a nose job at some point, or at least that’s how it looks like.

Celine did well to deny these allegations, of course, but so would anybody else in her position.

If we are to look at older pictures of Celine Dion, we see that she used to have a less pinched nose, while her nasal bridge was quite high. Nowadays however, her nose isn’t so bulbous as it used to be, all signs pointing towards a nose job.

Some people believe that Celine Dion’s pinched nose is a result of a well-done nose job. We say ‘well-done’ because she didn’t appear to go through any healing process, as is required of those who undergone rhinoplasty.

Even world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden said at one point that ‘Celine Dion went through a nicely done rhinoplasty‘, so we should probably take her word for this.

If you don’t want to take her word for it, take a look at how Celine’s nose used to look like back when she was breaking into show business, and compare it to how her nose looks like nowadays.

Celine Dion Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Celine Dion Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

It has to be said that Celine Dion has always been an attractive woman, even though most people recognize her not from her looks, but from her hit songs.

Still, if she did go under the knife, she apparently hired the services of a very good plastic surgeon, because like we just said, there is barely any sign of surgery around her nose.

In the end, her millions of fans from around the world care little if she did go under the knife or not, just as long as she keeps entertaining them with her wonderful voice.