Cindy Crawford Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]In the past, Cindy Crawford has been on People Magazine’s list of the most beautiful people in the world.

Although it was always believed that Cindy is naturally beautiful, this may not always be the case.

Cindy had made it on the list back in 1993, and in anticipation of the upcoming list, more recent photos of past winners were recently published by the magazine.

Cindy’s most recent photo was from 2013, and even though she appeared more beautiful than ever, it reveals that she may have gone under the knife not so long ago.

If this recent photo is compared with her older ones, it becomes apparent that her nose was much wider before but it is now quite narrow.

By the end of 80s, Cindy had a round nose with a wide tip. In comparison, she now has a much narrower and refined nose as of lately. Cindy’s nose had been wide even when she got started with her modeling career at the age of 16, which maydetermine people to wonder why she even needed to undergo rhinoplasty.

However, the fact of the matter is that at some point in her career, Cindy got her nose narrowed down with the help of a nose job. Even though her more recent photos indicate that the shape of her nose is different and the tip of her nose is slightly more delicate, Cindy herself had not responded these rumors.

Cindy Crawford Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cindy Crawford Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

However, in the past, Cindy had admitted that she used to use Botox injections despite the fact that she her own line of anti aging skin care product line by the name of Meaningful Beauty.

According to Cindy, she went for Botox to a doctor in London. She claims that she had done a “whole skincare line” with that doctor and apparently, she did not do Botox ever since.

Cindy Crawford has apparently even considered undergoing invasive plastic surgery. So, it is not so unusual to assume that she may have had a nose job, especially when there is evidence that indicates that this might be the case.