Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]In the past, Courteney Cox has admitted to using botox on several occasions. However, it seems that Courtney has followed in the footsteps of celebrities like Madonna and Meg Ryan. It is very likely that Courtney may have been tempted to take it a bit further and actually go under the knife.

Last year when Courtney made an appearance on the set of “Just Before I Go”, an upcoming film that Courtney has been directing, she seemed nearly unrecognizable and really unflattering. Not only did her complexion seem rather unnatural, her cheeks seemed to be very puffy, her eyes seemed swollen and her lips were way too large.


It may or may not have been a trick of light, but Courtney looked nothing like the raven haired beauty that she once was, back when she was starring in NBC’s sitcom ‘Friends‘. Of course, she cannot be blamed, considering that she is now 49 years old. However, there is a possibility that age has nothing to do with the dramatic change in Courtney’s appearance.

The fact that Courtney Cox has used botox in the past is well known, and she has been accused of going under the knife more than once. In fact, she looked like a shell of herself when she made an appearance in a recent event, save for her raven locks.


Surprisingly, a plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Young has claimed that Courtney may not have had plastic surgery after all. However, Dr. Young might as well be wrong with his speculation since Courtney looks way too older even for her age. Apart from her admittance to using botox, her cheeks and lips certainly appear to have been overdone.

Thus, even if Courtney Cox may have gone under the knife, she does not even look youthful anymore. Maybe it is her age after all, but it is highly unlikely, since most of her fans have been saying that she “destroyed” her face.