Eva Green Workout Routine

Eva Green Workout Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]The beautiful Eva Green is without a doubt, one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood at this point in time, which explains why she enjoys such a massive success these days.

While there isn’t much once can do about their acting skills, you can very well shape your body any way you want if you’re disciplined enough, yet Eva is one of those women who enjoy a naturally slim body type.

Even so, Eva does her best to stay in shape by working out as often as she finds the time while sticking to a relatively strict diet plan that involves moderation and portion control.

Although Eva Green works out on a regular basis, sometimes she plays roles that require her to be in an even better shape, which is when she is forced to work with personal trainers other than her own.

As often as she can, Eva works out under the guidance of her personal trainer Tim Jones with whom she’s been working for quite a long time now. Her daily workout routine involves a lot of cardio combined with squats and lunges.

Her workout is designed in such a way as to stimulate her thighs while toning her muscles as much as possible. Eve admits that she feels amazing after each workout, mainly as a result of how peaceful and content her regular workouts make her feel.

At the same time, Eva enjoys running, swimming, bicycling, walking, hiking, and pretty much any activity that involves working out in nature. Not only are these activities useful as far as fitness goes but they’re also effective at providing her relief from stress.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that Eva Green is a big fan of pilates workouts because pilates exercises strengthen her core while providing her with serenity and inner peace. In fact, Eva has a very intimate relationship with her workouts, as she sees them being more about the mental fortitude they provide her more than anything else.

We would also do well to point out that Eva combines her rigorous workout regime with a relatively strict and healthy diet plan. As such, she does her best to avoid unhealthy food as much as she can while only consuming the dishes she likes in moderation.

All things considered, Eva Green lives a very active life which involves a lot of working out on a regular basis. At the same time, she swears by portion control when it comes to eating and getting properly hydrated regularly.