Farrah Abraham Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Farrah Abraham first became known as one of the pregnant teenage girls one MTV’s 16 and Pregnant.

As expected, after she had given birth to her daughter, she joined her cast mates on MTV’s Teen Mom.

Apart from having been a part of these reality television series, the plastic surgeries that Farrah has undergone in the past have been openly documented, which is quite unusual.

Farrah Abraham is not a teenager anymore and for some reason, MTV has not recruited her for the fifth season of Teen Mom, even though the original teen moms will be starring in it.

Perhaps that is the reason that Farrah Abraham has been going under the knife and making adult films. Not so long ago, Farrah spent $16,000 on plastic surgery and showed off the results in an issue of InTouch, a celebrity gossip and entertainment magazine.

Thus, it is no secret that Farrah Abraham has undergone chin implant and rhinoplasty surgery. Abraham told the magazine that she was not fond of her nose ever since she was 13. Apparently, she is quite satisfied with the results of both surgeries, even though was not pleased with how much it cost her to get them done.

Farrah Abraham claims that undergoing these two plastic surgeries has made her feel “gorgeous” and unlike before, apparently she is now able to like everything on her face. The fact of the matter is that Farrah Abraham had actually been under the knife before all this transpired, a long time ago.

Farrah Abraham Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Farrah Abraham Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Back in 2010, she had undergone breast augmentation to get her breasts enlarged in order to improve her chances of becoming a model. Although Farrah is still somewhat of an aspiring model, her large breasts may have likely helped her enter the world of adult films.

Apparently, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon believes that Farrah’s nose job was a minor one since her nose is still somewhat the same, though without the bump it previously had and narrower than before.

Combined with her enhanced chin, Dr. Miachael claims that Farrah Abraham actually looks more mature and sophisticated now.