Interesting Facts About Elijah Wood

Interesting Facts on Elijah Wood

Interesting Facts About Elijah Wood

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Elijah Wood is one of the few happy cases in which a child-star didn’t develop into a dysfunctional adult.

Despite being a star since the age of 8, Elijah managed to work only high-profile jobs while growing up.

If you look at Elijah in contrast with Lindsay Lohan and Macauley Culkin it is pretty obvious that Elijah got his share of good fortune.

Despite his popularity as a child actor, Elijah transitioned into a really successful movie star quite smoothly, which is quite rare in the movie industry. He seems to have such a friendly vibe about him whenever you see him giving an interview or meeting his fans, which is exactly how he is most of the time.

• His hobbies include photography, cooking, and swimming.

Even though Elijah struggles to find time for what he loves most, he is an avid fan of photography and has even put together a collection of his own. He is also quite a talented cook if you are to believe his friends and family, which only builds his appearance of a likeable guy even further.

• He often attends E3.

Elijah is a big technology geek most of the time, and he will often attend electronic entertainment expositions such as the E3 in Los Angeles. This is something that the actor is quite proud of actually, although some people have mixed feelings about these sort of things.

• He is quite a smoker.

Elijah started smoking while filming the 1998 movie ‘The Faculty’, and has been doing it ever since. Apparently, his favorite brand of smokes is ‘Clove Cigarettes’, although we aren’t 100% sure that this is the only thing the actor likes to smoke.

• He plays the piano.

Most people are unaware that Elijah has a real talent for music and everything about it. As a matter of fact, not only does he play the piano very well, but he also studies singing professionally. Who knows, maybe one day he will release an album of his own, or at least a single of sorts.

• He has one of the rings from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie.

To some extent, it would only make sense for Elijah to keep one of the two prop rings used when filming the movie considering how tedious the on-screen journey was. The other prop ring is currently in Andy Serkis’ possession.

• He got a permanent scar while filming ‘Green Street Hooligans’.

While filming the 2005 movie, Elijah injured himself quite badly. The visible scar on his eyebrow is permanent, and it can only be removed through cosmetic surgery. Elijah, however, says that he has no problem with this, as he actually likes the scar.

• He wears contact lenses.

Don’t worry, Elijah’s beautiful eyes are all natural. He only wears clear contact lenses because of his poor eyesight. He says that he cannot go about his business without his lenses because of his life-long issues with poor eyesight, but that he hopes one day not to need them anymore.