Jay-Z Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Recently, Jay Z got bashed by his fellow rapper 50 Cent, who called him “overrated”, however, that is not the only thing Jay Z has gotten bashed for as of lately.

It seems that the general public has also been dishing their fair share of dirt about the 44-year old rapper, with their speculations that he may have gone under the knife, much like his 32-year old wife Beyonce Knowles.

Perhaps it is plastic surgery, or maybe it a change in his hairstyle and the way he dresses, no one knows for sure.

However, those who have scrutinized photos of Jay Z from the past seem to have noticed that his nose was very bulbous and wide back then, with a rounded tip. They believe that as of lately, Jay appears to be sporting a bit of a narrower nose with a less pronounced but still rounded tip.

While camera angles could be playing tricks on all of these speculators, it could also be possible that he may have had rhinoplasty.

Jay-Z Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jay-Z Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Manhattan-based plastic surgeon who took a look of previous and more recent pictures of Jay Z, claims that Jay Z’s nose does indeed appear to be less wide than it used to be and his nose also appears to have a more refined tip now.

She claims that if Jay Z did indeed undergo surgery make his nostrils appear less flared and narrower, then it is likely that he had an “alar base resection.” Since African Americans are known for having large noses, Jay Z’s nose does not appear to look unusual all of a sudden and is still nicely balanced.

Another facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif believes that Jay Z has probably had rhinoplasty. He admits that if it was an alar base reduction, then Jay Z’s surgeon did a splendid job because according to Dr. Nassif, his nose presently complements his face very well.

So perhaps it is true that Jay Z followed in the footsteps of his wife, who is also rumored to have had cosmetic surgeries of her own.