Karen Gillan Beauty Routine

Karen Gillan Beauty Routine

Karen Gillan Beauty Routine

[ads1 id=”alignright”]After Karen Gillan had become everyone’s favorite redhead on Doctor Who, many hearts were broken when she had to depart from the series a few years back.

Even though everyone loves Karen Gillan’s red hair as much as she does, she claims that she used to get teased for it when she was younger.

However, her fiery red locks are not her only beautiful feature; rather her porcelain skin is also one of them.

Despite the stress she has to endure and the tons of makeup she has to apply, apparently Karen Gillan has her own beauty secret to keeping her skin healthy.

Not so long ago, Karen Gillan revealed that she always uses the SPF50 “Chanel Précision UV Essentiel.” She claims that whenever it is summer, she always wears sunscreen.

Not only does she agree that her skin is quite porcelain-like but she herself is fond of her skin and apparently, she apparently hopes never to end up with a sunburn.

Although it is obvious that Karen Gillan is a redhead, but her hair often appear redder than they usually tend to be, which makes them stand out even more.

Although her red hair is natural, Karen Gillan also uses red hair dye, perhaps the 734 or 740 shade of “Revlon Professional’s Nutri Color Cream,” and she also wears color-specific conditioners.

As mentioned, Karen Gillan is a bottled or natural readhead and non-permanent coloring is contained in the abovementioned color cream. So, perhaps that is why Karen Gillan’s hair continues looking fiery red and far more pigmented for long periods of time, while this could also be the reason behind the healthy appearance of her hair too.

Karen Gillan is fortunate enough to be a distinctly natural beauty from Scotland with blazing red hair that enables her to have a unique appeal and aesthetic. Moreover, she does a good job of caring for and maintaining her hair and skin.