Katharine McPhee Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Before and After

[ads1 id=”alignright”]Rumor has it that Katharine McPhee underwent a breast augmentation plastic surgery at some point recently.

During public appearances in the not so distant past, especially in ones where she was wearing low-plunging dresses, onlookers could not help but notice how her cleavage appeared larger than before and seemed to be popping out of her outfit.

The fact that her breasts have magically enlarged over these past few years have led many to believe that she may have gotten breast implants.

The reason many people now believe she may have breast implants is because of how full and round her breasts look.

Inconsistencies in her breast-size can be spotted by looking at her photographs from years ago.

There is also a slight possibility that her breasts appear more ample because of her particular outfits, such as empire silhouette and halter dresses.

Although it sounds far-fetched, it could explain why Katharine’s chest has been gathering so much attention these days.

Katharine McPhee Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Before and After

Even cosmetic surgery expert Dr. John Di Saia, an Orange County Plastic Surgeon, agrees that the sudden larger cup size of Katherine’s breasts in public appearance could merely be a deception owed to the clothes she has been wearing in recent years.

At the same time, considering that breasts implants are available in various sizes these days, there is also the possibility that Katherine may have undergone breast augmentation to draw attention towards herself.

Unfortunately, another expert, Dr. Jennifer Walden, an Austin Texas-based plastic surgeon, cannot determine whether or not Katherine’s breasts contain implants, but she agrees that Katharine’s looks have changed considerably over these past few years.

She explains that Katherine did undergo breast augmentation, the implants are likely small in size and are obscured by her natural breast tissue, and she even praises the results, if it really is the case.

Of course, if two experts cannot decide whether Katherine McPhee’s larger breasts are a result of wearing specific style of clothing or having undergone breast augmentation surgery, it would be hard for us to give a clear verdict as well.

Ultimately, it all comes down to what her fans and the public wish to believe, but the fact of the matter is that Katherine’s breasts often-times do not appear to be of the same size as they once were.